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"First time for me. I was nervous at first, but the staff made it extremely easy and confortable. Keep up the good work!"


"Very relaxing"


"Tech was great - checking in about every ten minutes and letting me know time remaining!"


"I have always been treated very well anytime I have come."


"All staff were very pleasant and gave me all of the info and reassurance I needed."




patient ariesFew things in life are about you...

But we are!

Since 1998, MRI of Springfield has been a leader in diagnostic radiology imaging throughout southwest Missouri. Quality care, friendly professional staff and a relaxing environment sets us apart, making us the best choice when you need an MRI. Putting your imaging needs first is our goal.

Located conveniently in Springfield’s Medical Mile district, our clinic features OPEN MRI equipment from Hitachi, designed so that the magnet does not completely surround you and is open on the sides. These Open MRI units are especially helpful for examining patients who are fearful of being in a closed space or are claustrophobic and for use of bariatric healthcare. Since first popularizing the concept of Open MR over a decade ago, Hitachi has continued to provide magnetic resonance imaging systems that combine cutting-edge technology with patient-comfort design. An Open MRI means you get a more comfortable MRI experience, a fast procedure, and your physician will get the clear images needed for a proper diagnosis. At MRI of Springfield, we participate in strict, independent monthly inspection and maintenance of our equipment and our use of state of the art Teleradiology, gives your physician secure access to our network for viewing your images within 36hours of your procedure.

At MRI of Springfield, your MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) exam will be performed by certified technologist and interpreted by board certified and state licensed Radiologists each using the latest imaging techniques. The high quality images we produce will assist your physician in diagnosing and treating your health condition.

We want your MRI experience to be as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Because of that, we are dedicated to:

  • Treating YOU with respect
  • Producing Quality images and interpretations in a timely manner for YOU and your HealthCare Provider
  • Providing You personalized healthcare in a comfortable environment

Download our informational flyer - MRIFlyer.pdf


Additional ways an Open MRI may benefit you:

Anxiety & Claustrophobia Assistance

Some patients who have MRI in an enclosed scanner may feel confined, closed-in, and frightened. Perhaps one in twenty will require a sedative to remain calm. Many patients avoid this problem by being examined in our Open MRI equipment. We even will permit a relative or friend to be present in the MR scan room, which can also have a calming effect if required.

Size and Weight Considerations

Open MRI Equipment is the de facto recommendation for patients in need of Bariatric care. Open MRI equipment, because of its unique design, can scan patents of up to 450 pounds.

Accommodating and Courteous

You receive courteous and respectful treatment at MRI of Springfield both as a patient and as a person. Our code of ethics is spelled out in our patient’s bill of rights.



At MRI of Springfield, we have assembled a team of Medical Professionals who are dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality and service. All of our Radiologists are Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology and have fellowships or additional certification in Musculoskeletal and Neuro Radiology

Additionally, all of our Technologists are ARRT registered and maintain special certification in MRI.

ACR Certified

Read more about our accreditations...

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